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MyLeadsBox for Sales


MyLeadsBox is one of the best sales prospecting tools that track all your website activities and email behaviors and find out the prospect before contacting you. This tool plays a significant role in providing vital information that you need to know to boost your sales, including their interests, size of the organization, and company name. It gives you the bird-eye view to analyze the customer leads and decide if they are worth following for your company or not. Further, you can set criteria for your website visitors and flag them as a prospect. And this gives you crystal clear prospects that are the best fit for your product.

No doubt, this tool generates high-quality leads, fills your pipeline, and facilitates you with sales CRM. If you would like to focus only on identified tips suited for your company, you can do that easily with MyLeadsBox. However, there are no more dead ends, and we always put verified leads into your pipeline. Once you find most prospects, there is no need to waste your time on any other tool. Keep in mind that this tool is all about saving your life.

Let’s discuss how we can help to boost your sales and how this tool solves your sales problem. Get reading!

How can MyLeadsBox solve your Sales Problem?
1. Analyze your Sales Pipeline

It is crucial to visualize your sales funnel, considering how you can turn opportunities, leads, and contacts into profitable sales. Our CRM will guide you where you can put more effort into the closure of deals. For instance, if many prospects are pending during the lead stage, you must have to forward them down the funnel towards closing the deal. That's the best approach we deliver to our customers.

2. Analyze your Business Sources

It can be straightforward to handle or track the few customers and their business sources, but it becomes challenging to keep track on a larger scale. You need to get insights into the channel and find out which brings you the most customers. The channel maybe emails marketing, a retail distribution channel, or even social media. With the help of MyLeadsBos, all these insights visible to you and you can make a strategic decision to invest in some specific channels than many others.

3. Cultivating Communication with Clients

It is a vital part in this age of fierce competition is the best relationship with clients, and it has to be gained through effective client communication. Using our tool, the client engagements have become comfortable, and further, you can call, message, or email them without switching between windows.

4. Provide Unified Platform

It is crucial to handle your business's different departments for the sake of your organization's augmented performance. We let everyone perform and record their tasks on a single platform, be it sales, marketing, or support. And this can help to combine their efforts to provide clients an excellent experience.

5. Forecasting Sales

We have gathered data from all the companies and all the marketing touchpoints. We consolidate these data and show you the sales trends of the previous months. Also, we can predict what your company's future holds regarding sales.

6. Nurturing your Leads

You can spot upcoming leads that have much potential to become customers with the help of MyLeadsBox. Whether you have led from email marketing or websites, we let you filter them on targeting audiences and provide you the steps that you need to take to nurture the leads. For instance, we will let you know when the right time to send a quote or call the lead or send a product discount offering email. It’s not just what you can do. You can also integrate CRM with your other loving tools that you are currently using.

7. Define your Scope

When you have a 360-degree view of your clients and are not sure how they can contribute to your business, you can identify those market segments that are perfectly suitable. We also help you decide on future investment opportunities and how you can grow your sales by selling to the targeting clients.

8. Boost up your sales with Marketing

You can enhance the customer experience by offering them a consistent message approach across all marketing touch points. It is done through marketing automation, and you can create a single view of each customer with all vital information regarding customer touch points. And you can engage with our marketing automation solution by leveraging CRM integration.

9. Optimize your Workflows

The odds are that every organization has high performers and slackers, but our CRM approach motivates you in every business organization's work. And he can complete the task with half the amount of effort by using the MyLeadsBox tool. Our tool can help you optimize your workflows and get them done with less effort and minimum time.

10. Email Campaign

The marketing business sales still have the highest ROI as a marketing tool for B2B efforts. Our tools help you in this regard and offer you the target of targeting customers interested in your product. We provide the opportunities to send them emails to let them know about your products.

11. Social Insights

Today every customer belongs to any business has social media interaction. In the competitive market, most companies have lost the ranks to start conversations about their brands. Still, now they can participate in the latest chat about their brand through social media. Our tool allows a business to analyze what everyone demands and how companies can fill their pipeline?

Bottom Line:

We have discussed above some of the most common problems that any business may face and how MyLeadsBox helps solve them. No doubt, our tool helps you for boosting up your sales in the competitive world. We generate many customers and lead them to follow up with your company. We hope that all the above solutions come in handy for all the business owners by assisting them in doing all of the tasks mentioned above.

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