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MyLeadsBox for Marketers


Nowadays, Marketing trends and channels evolve. As we know that while some trends come and go quickly, one of the media that has remained more or less the same is Email. In fact, Email continues to be the top channel for content marketing with both B2C and B2B marketers. Moreover, it can help you amplify your other marketing channels, such as social. No doubt, marketers still face a ton of challenges in their email marketing efforts. One of these critical challenges is simply the amount of time it takes to create an excellent-looking email from scratch. Without efficient tools, marketers may end up spending a lot of time creating and sending out emails that don't precisely look stunning and persuasive.

On the other hand, the MyLeadsBox tool is a popular solution and an advanced system that brings your marketing efforts together. It is an online B2B sales intelligence platform. This compact platform is equipped with a rich set of features to streamline your marketing campaigns. Moreover, it is easy-to-use. Its intuitive interface is a solution that helps you optimize your contact forms and perform A/B testing to determine which subject lines, content, and call-to-action get the most clicks. If you are a leader in inbound marketing, you can create, personalize, and optimize your email marketing campaigns with ease via this tool.

Now, let's discuss how this tool helps you solve your email marketing problems to grow your email campaign.

Developing better Email Marketing Campaign via MyLeadsBox Tool:

A quality marketing campaign comes with tedious preparation. It's not an easy task, and marketers face various problems along the way. Fortunately, MyLeadBox offers plenty of unique features that automate, streamline and optimize your most crucial issues when developing an email campaign. Now We will discuss the common points solved by this tool one by one.

1. Segment Emails


Not generating enough click-throughs and open rates.


While sending email marketing messages, there is one thing you have to keep in your mind. It should always be quality over quantity. Sending email campaigns to all your customers doesn't mean you will get high click-throughs and open rates because not all are interested in its content. To help you get enough click-through and open rate, MyLeadsBox automates the segmentation method by grouping your customer into smaller groups based on specific criteria. Through segmentation, a marketer can easily personalize their campaign and deliver them in a relevant manner for their subscribers.

2. Expedite Email creation


Creating an email from scratch takes too much time.


No doubt creating an email from scratch is time-consuming. Tedious formatting must deliver an optimized and effective email campaign. To expedite this process, you may clone your existing emails. It doesn't mean you have to send the same Email. Instead, you can use the MyLeadsBox tool to utilize the solid foundation that is already established from your previous emails to expedite creating future emails.

MyLeadsBox provides a reusable template that allows the marketer to update the copy, images, and links to the template to put together an email quickly. These tools also save your time and enhance deliverability. Moreover, you can also build consistency in your email branding.

3. Monitor Email Campaigns


Not keeping track of email campaign.


Creating an email checklist helps you prevent this scenario by forgetting any detail or having an approval process. No doubt, overlooking a tiny mistake start a domino effect on the bigger picture of your email campaign. MyleadsBox smart and static list helps you keep track of all your email campaigns even when you are doing a simultaneous one to eliminate this problem. MyLeadsBox makes sure you don't need to send your subscriber the same piece of content multiple times, which may result in your recipients unsubscribing from your newsletters.

4. Verify Email in real-time


Not sure the Email is verified.


MyLeadsBox offers a high-speed and simple email verification service. This tool also provides a real-time verification API for a business that relies heavily on email marketing. Moreover, MyLeadBox boosts conversation by improving email deliverability. It has a user-friendly interface which is making a difference when it comes to cleaning an email list. The moment you click unlock and show Email. This tool will automatically verify it in real-time to guarantee its accuracy.

5. Contact List


The contact list isn't growing enough


The first ingredient for an effective email marketing campaign is a database of contacts interested in receiving what you have to say. MyLeadsBox tool will help you improve your contact list by making sure your newsletter subscription form is visible, easy to find, and quick to fill out if you want to guarantee the best results, subscription links on every page of your website.

6. Create Personalize Email-campaign


Emails are too generic.


No one likes getting irrelevant information. That is why the last tip to improve your email marketing campaigns is to personalize them as much as possible. With the help of the MyLeadsBox tool, you can create personalized Email right from your own inbox. These are the following tips to improve your marketing campaign via the MyLeadsBox tool:

  • Pay attention to the subject
    First of all, start avoiding generic email subjects and make an effort to create a title that will catch people's eye and motivate them to open your Email.
  • Be careful with headers
    With the MyLeadsBox tool's help, you can create the right subject that will help you dodge the spam folder. This tool provides you the opportunity to add your company logo, name, and links to your Email to improve your email marketing campaign.
  • Avoid clichés
    A personalized message has to be personal, so avoid being the same as everyone else. To do so MyLeadBox tool helps you to create impactful emails that reflect your company’s personality.

In short, MyLeadsBox is an online Email Marketing Platform that helps you to develop your Email Marketing campaign. This tool and its rich set of features allow you to streamline your marketing campaigns.